Where To Ride

Where to Kiteboard in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi has long been known to be a mecca for windsurfers, but with kiteboarding's recent explosion in popularity and the multitude of locations to ride, it has now been established as one of the premier riding spots in the world. Kiting in Corpus Christi is good all year round; it's the most consistently windy place on average in the US in terms of rideable days a year (teens +). The core summer season with the most consistent winds runs roughly from Memorial Day through Labor Day with winds averaging 17-21 mph daily. The winds are steady and generally from the Southeast, created by thermal effects from all the farmland surrounding Corpus Christi Bay. There are plenty of great days for kiting starting in late February with cold fronts yet warmer air temperatures, and we're typically out of even shorty wetsuits by end of March. The full season runs through October but there are some lighter wind days and stronger morning cold front winds throughout the year depending on the season. Late fall, winter, and early spring riding are characterized by their frontal winds, usually a few days of nice Southeast wind punctuated by cold fronts blowing in from the North that tend to be more gusty. For those riders who have experienced the summer spots in the Southeast winds, the North winds will open up some other, not-normally accessible locations. With nearly 12 miles of bayfront and endless miles of sandy beaches, no matter what your riding style, there is a spot for you.  With an international airport only a few miles from downtown, access to these spots is at your fingertips. Only a short drive from San Antonio, Houston and Austin, Corpus Christi has become a place to learn, ride or just hang out.

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Why learn to kiteboard in Corpus?

We have the most reliable, steady winds in the U.S. Having safe, easy to learn conditions, and good instruction makes a huge difference in your progression. Many people think of going to Maui, or the Gorge to learn how to kiteboard but what they don't understand is these spots have gusty, dangerous conditions and are swarmed by hundreds of kiteboarders whenever the conditions are good. In contrast, Corpus Christi and Portland, TX have nice, steady 15 to 20 mph winds and it is rare to ever see more than 10 riders on the water at once simply because there are so many good spots to kiteboard. Call 361-704-6659 to sign up for kiteboarding lessons in Corpus Christi today.


  • Portland (Wildcat) - Wildcat Park in Portland is one of the best spots in the Corpus Christi Area. Because of its location in the bay, it is normally the windiest spot during the prevalent SE winds. The shallow knee to waist deep sandy bottom make it a great area for learning. A large sandbar creates flat water close to shore and makes fun, knee high waves. This spot is kiter friendly and has a shower, a grassy launch, and a lunch pavillion to hang out and watch everyone ride. A local crew of kiteboarders can be found here every evening in the spring and summer. Beginners should wear booties because there are oyster shells close to shore. Prevalent SE winds are onshore so stay safe and give yourself plenty of distance from land.
  • North Beach - This beach is located right in front of the Lexington historical Navy ship. It's advised to stay away from the Lexington due to the wind shadows it creates. The water is deep and normally a little on the choppy side, but has some fun rollers once you get away from shore. A sandy beach provides an easy spot for launching and landing. Be careful of beachgoers and swimmers in the summertime as it can be very crowded, so be sure to stay away from the shore while riding.
  • McGee Beach - Be careful of the jetties near the beach, they make for a calmer swimming area but can be hard to see, especially if the tide is high. During the summertime the beach can be packed so take care when launching and also there are some jet ski riders to stay away from.
  • Oleander (Cole Park) - This riding area has waist to overhead water. A difficult launch off of a steep hill and a lack of a safe area downwind means that it is only suitable for advanced riders.
  • A&M Beach - A&M Beach is located across from Corpus Christi A&M College. A small, man-made beach area is surrounded by rock barriers. Launch off the sandy beach, walk out into the water and to the south side (towards the Naval Air Station) of the barriers. A sandy, knee to waist deep bottom is close to shore with deep water a short walk out. This spot only works during fronts that produce North West, North, North East, or East winds.
  • Oso Bay - A nice, flat water, and big area kite spot with a mud bottom. During some parts of the season there can be lots of seaweed which makes for tough riding. Grass launch spot near the church.
  • NAS Corpus Christi - Need a military ID or MWR Guest Card from the base to get access to this riding spot. Grassy launch spot and the water is shallow and sandy. Fairly flat water good on a SE wind. Experts can play in the flats to the downwind side of the first jetty.
  • Grassy Point / Carpets - Works on North, East, and South wind directions. To access this spot you have to drive through the Marina and there is a charge to park/launch: $4/day or $100/year. You can often find kiters and windsurfers riding here. Deeper water and the closest access to Brozil riding spot. Fresh water for rinsing off gear.
  • Brozil - This is not a launch, but a riding spot accessed by launching nearby at Grassy Point. Be sure to ride here with friends since it is far from the launch and also a bit of a remote spot. The entrance is narrow and the riding is the best during high tide. This is the flattest water in Corpus and has plenty of little islands to ride around and jump over. The water ranges from from several inches to several feet deep.
  • Packery Channel - Packery Channel provides flat water riding conditions in knee to waist deep water with a grass bottom. Booties are required because of the number of oyster shells. Do not ride in the boat channel due to the large amount of boat traffic. The best riding is across the channel from the launch area.
  • South Packery - South Packery is an ocean-side riding spot located on the South side of Packery Channel. The jetty can make some good waves during a strong SE wind. A large beach area is available for launching, but if the beach is crowded simply drive further down to launch. Packery Channel is a very popular spot for surfing so be sure to stay away from the surfers, swimmer, and fishermen in the area. Always launch and ride downwind of all surfers and beach users.
  • JP Luby - JP Luby is an ocean-side riding spot located on the North side of Packery Channel. The jetty can make some good waves during a strong SE wind. A large beach area is available for launching, but if the beach is crowded simply drive further down to launch. Packery Channel is a very popular spot for surfing so be sure to stay away from the surfers, swimmer, and fishermen in the area. Always launch and ride downwind of all surfers and beach users.
  • Fish Pass - Fish Pass is a good place for flat water in Corpus Christi. To access the launch a 4-wheel drive vehicle might be required depending on road conditions and after heavy rains it may be impossible to get to. There is a huge riding area created by a sand bar with knee to waist deep water and a grass bottom. Fish Pass works best during NW winds.
  • Tanks - This is private property so please be respectful if you ride here. There is a large area of flat and shallow water with a slippery mud/sand bottom. This spot works on any wind direction but is gustier during SE winds. Be care of the gas pipes along the road.
  • Port Aransas - Port Aransas is the best wave riding spot when a cold front brings strong NE winds. It is an easy beach launch and there probably won't be many beachgoers during the cold front wind conditions. A long, rock jetty provides provides flat water near the jetty and rolling waves the further away you get from it.