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Crazyfly Master Foil and F-Lite Full Carbon Hydrofoil Board Package
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Crazyfly Master Hydrofoiling Package with Full Carbon F-Lite Board

Hydrofoil - The Crazyfly Master foil is a high-performance freerace foil aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. It offers high top speed, incredible upwind drive, and superior stability.

Board - F-lite is a feather light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. It is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes. Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate its small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. It features a high nose and speed rocker to generate speed quickly and get you up on the foil in no time. Packed with lots of performance, this board is also a great travel companion, plus it delivers great fun and amazing performance on the water.

Ozone Apex Hydrofoil v1 Foil and Board Combo
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Ozone Apex Hydrofoil v1 Foil and Board Combo Package

The Apex performance hydrofoil is designed primarily for Kite Foiling with endless potential for freeride cruising, jumping, carving the flats and waves or ripping as fast as you possibly can!

The Apex hydrofoil perfectly matches with the Apex board, both are designed and built ultra tough using top of the line materials and construction techniques.

Key Features:
  • Performance Freeride Hydrofoil
  • Designed primarily for Kite Foiling
  • Ultra strong carbon construction
  • Titanium hardware
  • All rider levels
List Price: $2,898.00