Privacy Policy


This Policy represents the policy of Pro Kitesurf / (the business) with respect to the retention and destruction of documents and other records both in hard copy and electronic media (which may merely be referred to as “documents” in this Policy). Purposes of the Policy include (a) retention and maintenance of documents necessary for the proper functioning of the business as well as to comply with applicable legal requirements; (b) destruction of documents which no longer need to be retained,; and (c) guidance for the Board of Directors, officers, staff and other constituencies  with respect to their responsibilities concerning document retention and destruction.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the business reserves the right to revise or revoke this policy at any time.


Privacy.  It shall be the responsibility of the Administrator, after consultation with counsel, to determine how privacy laws will apply to the business’s documents from and with respect to employees and other constituencies, to establish reasonable procedures for compliance with such privacy laws, and to allow for their audit and review on a regular basis.