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We have a huge selection of twintips at clearance pricing. You don't see deals this good all the time. Closeout kiteboards from Crazyfly, Airush, Naish, Cabrinha, and more coming soon so be sure to keep checking back.
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2021 Crazyfly Legend Twin Tip Kiteboard - 30% OFF
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2021 Crazyfly Legend - Posito Martinez signature model.

The brand new Legend has been designed and developed with Posito Martinez for the Freestyle World Tour. It is shaped and constructed to be pushed hard, and delivers amazing power on the water. This freestyle weapon is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who like to push their limits and ride aggressive.

List Price: $899.00
2021 Crazyfly Raptor LTD Twin Tip kiteboard - 25% OFF
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2021 Crazyfly Raptor LTD

Raptor LTD is a true legend in our board range. It is one of the best boards we have ever made. It also comes in a Neon version for customers who prefer better visibility of the board in dark water.
Sticking to its core properties of a high end freeride/freestyle board, it remains a full carbon, ultra light masterpiece.
List Price: $799.00
2021 Crazyfly Raptor Twin Tip kiteboard - 25% OFF
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2021 Crazyfly Raptor

After fourteen years of proven performance the legend in our board range continues to impress. The Raptor is a freeride freestyle high performance board for intermediate to advanced rider level.
List Price: $649.00
S25 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 40% off

S25 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride - All-around

Sizes: 134/138 x 41 | 138/142 x 42

Who says a board needs symmetry to perform? We ride differently on our toes and heels, we have different preferences, and we are all different people, so we designed a board that has more options. Depending on how you want to view it, the Switch blends two sized boards into one, or a board that gives you greater control based on your edging techniques. The board is designed off our popular Motion platform, meaning there is no sacrifice on performance. The Switch can be a perfect board to share with someone as you have two different length rails to choose from. You also have the ability to change your rail depending on the conditions, stronger choppier conditions, you may tend to want to use the shorter rail or flat steady lighter conditions you can use the longer side. The benefits are endless with the Switch, making your quiver larger without adding more equipment.

List Price: $539.00
S26 Naish Alana Women's Twintip Kiteboard - 132cm - New Open Box - 20% Off
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S26 Naish Alana - Women's Freeride/Freestyle

Sizes: 132x38 | 136x40cm

With input from the team and extensive testing with all of our female Naish rippers, the latest Alana has been created with a woman?s needs at the forefront of the design. Everything from the flex pattern, dimensions, graphics, and outline has been meticulously planned out and adjusted to perform under the feet of lighter riders. The width has been narrowed to allow for riders with smaller feet to gain increased edge control and carving ability. The Alana has a technical bottom shape with heavily channeled tips for increased grip and drive. It also features a softer flex than most of our boards, coupled with a medium rocker, it delivers unmatched comfort and performance for female riders. The Alana is here for women who want a board that not only meets their needs but can keep up with their level of shred.

List Price: $669.00
2020 Naish Hero Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 40% Off

2020 Naish Hero - All-around Freeride

Sizes: 130x41.5 | 135x42 | 140x43 | 145x53.5cm

Beginner-to-intermediate kiters who want a soft and forgiving ride
Edges upwind with ease and absorbs chop for a very smooth ride
Brand new shape with a concave

The Hero is designed to take riders from their first reaches and beyond in this userfriendly freeride board. Not easily outgrown, nor is it only for beginners the high flex Hero provides a smooth, forgiving ride and on-demand control that even the most experienced kiters love. This brand new shape features poured TPU rails for seamless rail construction and heightened durability. Centered inserts also extend the life of the board, allowing kiters easily transition between rails and distribute wear. Featuring the same all-around rocker
as our popular Motion twin tip, the Hero is easy to ride in all conditions.
Strategically placed impact reinforcement zones help diffuse impact throughout the board, providing maximum durability as skills grow with time. Whether just learning, growing, or cruising, the Hero is the easy, all-around board designed to keep the experience fun.

List Price: $445.00
2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 50% Off

2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride - All-around

Sizes: 134/138 | 138/142

Anyone seeking added versatility in best all around board, those that share a board, or kiters who travel and want the best performance in varying conditions
Takes a great all-around shape and adds next-level versatility to cover a huge range of freeride conditions
It's completely new!

Conditions vary, people are asymmetrical and now there is a board that you can dial-in to
your preferences.
The Switch is a new design which gives a great all-around board even more versatility. The
inserts on the board are centered so that both its rails can be ridden, which dramatically
extends its lifespan. Since both rails are different lengths you can choose which side you
want to ride depending on conditions and riding preference. If the wind is light and you are
riding a big kite, the longer side can give you more rail in the water?keeping you planning,
so you can get upwind. If the wind is cranking and the water is rough, you can switch to
the shorter side for quicker turning, so you can load fast between the chop. It is also great
option for different size people that want to share a board.

List Price: $545.00
North 2021 Focus Hybrid Freestyle / Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 20% OFF
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North 2021 Focus Hybrid TT Board

Explosive pop. Dynamic Flex. Precise Response. The Focus Hybrid Carbon is precisely engineered to push the boundaries of performance freestyle riding. Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder, while the geometrically stiffer backbone enables more controlled take-offs. The hybrid carbon technology features unidirectional carbon reinforcement tapes for a well-balanced and responsive flex, so you can ride for longer, with flow and form. Butter-soft tips reduce the impact load on landings and slice through chop, making the Focus Jesse?s board of choice for winning the King of the Air; 'Having that extra little bit of rocker helps absorb the landing, especially when I come down hard, and the flex helps me explode on the take-offs. With the Focus I can control extreme amounts of power while still having a stable base to land on.? For 2021, the Focus has new pulled-in tips for added durability and comes supplied with bigger 40mm composite fins for added traction.
List Price: $679.00
2020 Reedin Super E Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - Complete w/Bindings - 50% Off
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2020 Reedin Super E -  Freeride / Freestyle Twintip Kiteboard

Ride the all new, Super E freeride twintip designed by Kevn Langree, With a moderate, dual stage rocker and progressive flex pattern, the Super E will be a great choice for the every day rider that is looking to step up their game and start throwing down.

Built using only the highest grade materials, the Super E was designed with progression in mind. Strong yet comfortable, the Super E is easy on the knees while still offering butter soft landing for even the most aggressive maneuvers.

List Price: $1,030.00