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NEW - Ozone Flow V1 Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Flow v1 Wingboarding Wing - The Do-It-All Wing

The FLOW gets its name because this wing has been developed to help you find your Flow state! Ideally suited for freerider progression, it?s also a total weapon for dedicated wave riders and those looking to jump and throw freestyle moves.

Our aim was to make a wing with a greater sense of control to help riders accelerate their riding progression, from tacking and gybing, to jumping or wave riding, the Flow is designed to smoothly deliver what you need. When it comes to improving the fluidity and ease of your riding, the extended front carbon handle offers the advantages of a boom, like flying the wing one handed and easy hand placement, yet it packs small and doesn?t need to be removed after your session. The Flow and Flux wings share DNA, however the Flow has a reduced span and lower aspect ratio than the Flux, offering more low end power and easier handling. The Flow is a fully featured design and also includes harness line attachments for when you?re ready to ride faster, harder and for longer with less arm fatigue in stronger conditions.

Ozone Fusion V1 Wing
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Ozone Fusion V1 Wing


Five years ago, we launched the FUSION project. The goal was to combine our manufacturing expertise with our knowledge of foil kite, inflatable kite, paraglider and wingsuit design.

After utilising all the resources of our in-house production facility, the new FUSION freeride wing marks a paradigm shift in performance and is tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential along with previously impossible angles up and downwind.

Ozone Flux V1 Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Flux V1 Wing

The Flux V1 will sit within the wing range in a similar max-performance position that the Edge holds in the Ozone kite line-up. Suited to good intermediates to advanced freeriders looking for the latest handling advantages, the Flux will be available to the public from early June.

SIZES: 6.5 / 5.7 / 5 / 4.3 / 3.6 / 3

    Comparable position in the range to the Edge - max-performance, crazy speeds, epic jumping also with low drag and stability for wave riding!
    Compact plan form and incredible forward drive
    Custom built hard handles for the ultimate feedback
    Suiting good intermediate freeriders and beyond
    Packed with the latest handling advantages for mind blowing sessions
    Available publicly early June
NEW - Ozone Liteforce V1 - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Liteforce v1 - Lightwind Wingboarding Wing
The Liteforce has been designed by combining different design elements from the Ozone Flux and Flow wings to deliver easy and very effective performance in lightwinds. Without reducing strength and reliability, the weight of the Liteforce has also been kept to a minimum to provide optimal, accessible performance.
Available in two, powerful sizes of 6.6m and 7.7m, both are packed with low end grunt. The compact planform means that when making manoeuvres with a big wing, the tips of the Liteforce are less likely to catch the water.

Key Features:
Tuned to get you riding in the lightest winds
Compact design for low end torque and control
Pre-loaded leading edge with optimised sail shaping
Tight, clean and efficient sail
Powerful pumping with a very direct feel
Sporty, lightweight handling
Ocean Rodeo Glide A Series Wing - 20% Off
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Ocean Rodeo Glide A-Series

40% lighter than the industry standard!
2.5m | 3.0m | 4.0m | 5.0m | 6.0m | 7.0M

We took everything we learned while developing our A-Series kite range and all the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material provides and implemented them into the A-Series wing design.

When we first revealed the ALUULA material to the public, there was reasonable and valid debate as to whether the hype would really match up to the material?s potential, and to the performance levels that we were promising. Happily, as we?re now hearing from every corner of the planet as more and more people put ALUULA to the test, the hype has lived up to our expectations, and then some?
List Price: $1,919.00
Ocean Rodeo Glide AA Series Wing - 20% Off
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Glide AA-Series Wing - All Around - Surf / Freestyle / Race Wingboarding Wing

New for 2023, the Glide AA is our first all ALUULA composite wing and the launch pad for new ALUULA technologies: Aeris and Aeris X airframe and canopy materials.
86gsm Aeris X delivers outstanding stiffness to the center of the leading edge and strut tube, while 74gsm Aeris provides the desired wing tip reflex.
Light, stiff and durable, 46gsm Aeris X canopy extends the upper and lower wind range of each size, while taking canopy tear resistance to a new level.
The combination of these technological upgrades results in a wing that is exceptionally stable, lightweight and user-friendly. This advanced wing allows you to concentrate on your riding experience without being hindered by any drawbacks typically associated with traditional wings.
The Glide AA is compatible with all Ocean Rodeo Matrix wing handles and comes with the new Quick Click Wing Leash - a self aligning connector pin makes clicking in and out a one-handed operation.
Recycle-ready - The ALUULA Aeris and Aeris X materials used for the airframe and canopy in the Glide AA-Series are recyclable at the end of their useful life.
List Price: $3,559.00
2024 Naish Wing-Surfer ADX
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2024 Naish Wing-Surfer ADX

The "Power On Demand" Wing for all riding styles from freeride to surf.

 2.0 | 2.5 | 3.0 | 3.5 | 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 7.0

The Wing-Surfer ADX is the culmination of five years of research and development, resulting in a wing that caters to all skill levels and riding styles. The perfect balance of wingspan, strut length, draft depth, and dihedral make the ADX a revolutionary wing in our product lineup. The high-tension canopy, combined with the shallow wing profile, provides power on demand. This design profile produces incredible get-up-and-go functionality, lifting even heavy riders onto the foil with ease and maintaining steadily balanced power once riding. The lightweight yet robust T-Bone construction provides stiffness and strength in the wing's center while allowing the wingtips to twist properly. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy is low-stretch and tear-resistant, ensuring the ADX can handle even the most intense conditions. The ADX puts strength where you need it, with everything else remaining light. The result is a wing that lives up to its name, The Wing-surfer Aero-Dynamic-Xtreme, a wing that you will enjoy session after session.

2024 Naish Wing-Surfer ADX NVISION
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2024 Naish ADX Nvision

Introducing the premium version of the ADX, the Wing-Surfer ADX Nvision, it is significantly lighter and dramatically more rigid, resulting in a more direct feel and higher pump efficiency. Built to cater to the needs of riders who demand nothing but the best, the ADX Nvision boasts a cutting-edge Helium Frame construction that utilizes 82 gsm Aluula, making it extremely lightweight and stiff without compromising durability. With a sleek and stylish design that embodies the signature ADX feel, this high-end wing is the epitome of performance and precision. Its dual ?luff panel? locks the shape of the wing in place, providing maximum draft stability in a wide wind range. The 50D Nano ripstop canopy, renowned for its low-stretch and tear-resistant features, ensures the ADX Nvision is built to handle even the most intense conditions.
2024 Duotone Slick Foil / Wingboarding Wing
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Duotone 2024 Slick Freeride / Freestyle Wing

Introducing the 2024 Slick, the freeride & freestyle wing available in 8 sizes ranging from 3.0 to 6.5m. Experience absolute control with the mini boom, offering direct steering and unlimited hand placement options.
The rounded outline recovers easily from tip strikes, and this season's Slick boasts improved draft stability through a refined panel layout with enhanced canopy tension and wing profiling. With instant power delivery, the Slick remains light, neutral, and effortless when being flagged out on a wave. The wing specific MOD3 canopy offers durability and instantaneous power output. The refined panel layout enhances draft stability, eliminating the need to adjust hand positions during gusts.

With superior top-end control and depower, the 2024 Slick is a versatile wing designed to withstand the demands of freeride and freestyle, ensuring an elevated Wing Foiling experience with advanced features for maximum performance and control
2023 Duotone Slick D/LAB Foil / Wingboarding Wing
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2023 Slick D/LAB

The Slick D/LAB has arrived! Our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing with Mini Boom comes with the power, lightweight and unmatched performance from our prestigious D/LAB technology - delivering a riding sensation beyond imagination!
The new design brings increased lift, power and hang time and when combined with the most cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, the result is truly mind-blowing.

The Slick D/LAB powers through lulls and rides through gusts with unrivalled balance and stability. Early take-off and incredible lift and hang time in jumps are just two of the Slick D/LAB's outstanding characteristics. With a stable draft position and its huge wind range, the Slick D/LAB is easy to rotate through the latest Freestyle tricks, gets you up effortlessly on the foil in the lightest breeze and has predictable control even in the gustiest conditions.

With the use of Aluula in the leading edge and strut, combined with our unique MOD3 canopy, designer Ken Winner has crafted an incredibly light wing with instantaneous response. With direct power when pumping, more lift, higher jumps and quicker rotations, the Slick D/LAB excels in every metric.

List Price: $1,789.00
2024 Duotone Slick D/LAB Foil / Wingboarding Wing
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Duotone 2024 Slick D/LAB - Freeride / Freestyle Wing

The 2024 Sslick D/LAB epitomizes cutting-edge wing technology, delivering unrivaled freeride and freestyle performance.
Premium Aluula material on the leading edge and strut enhances responsiveness, power delivery, and light wind performance while delivering exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The MOD3 canopy adds dynamism, and the Mini Boom provides precise steering and control with an unlimited range of grip options.

For 2024, the refined wing outline features a smooth transition from the leading edge to the wing tips, boosting overall efficiency and reducing tip drag. A new panel layout enhances draft stability and power, and the tuned canopy tension, and wing profile eliminate the need for hand adjustments during gusts, ensuring superior top-end control and de-power.

Available in six sizes ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 meters, the 2024 Slick D/LAB is an innovative wing, blending state-of-the-art materials with refined design for the ultimate in performance and control.
2023 Duotone Unit D/Lab - Wingboarding Wing - 25% Off
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The wing that needs no introduction, the Unit D/LAB is the pinnacle of wing design and the benchmark in performance. The Duotone Laboratories' mission is to develop the absolute best products and break boundaries within wind sports. As a result, the Unit D/LAB features the most cutting-edge premium materials and construction technology with no expense spared in the pursuit of the ultimate ride. Only after it has excelled all expectations and passed extensive rigorous testing does it achieve the prestigious D/LAB seal of approval.
 3.5m | 4.0m | 4.5m | 5.0m | 5.5m | 6.0m | 6.5m

For 2023 the Aluula leading edge and strut combine with our new MOD3 canopy and the result is mind blowing! The latest version of Aluula fabric offers unmatched weight, ride compliance and response, which results in a lighter wing with improved lift, drift, power and hang time. The instantaneous feedback from the Unit D/LAB allows you to fly earlier, jump higher and rotate quicker. The MOD3 Canopy channels the energy from the Aluula material into pure acceleration and sheer grunt! The higher modulus MOD3 fabric holds the shape of the wing with double the strength in the warp direction and 3 times the stretch resistance in the bias direction over a traditional canopy. Lower stretch significantly improves draft stability, power delivery and the pumping efficiency of the wing, which ultimately allows the use of smaller wings in lighter winds and the new Unit D/LAB sees an increased usable range. The new durable MOD3 remains crisp and fresh like its day one and in addition, significantly improves the tear resistance and canopy strength. Similar to the design refinements seen in the Original Unit for 2023, designer Ken Winner has optimized the dihedral angle, as well as the tip and strut twist for enhanced drift stability when surfing or flying through basic manoeuvres. The front handle has been reinforced for better stand-off and control when surfing with your wing flagged, while the window layout offers better visibility for improved safety allowing you to always see your surroundings. Our rigid handles have revolutionized wing design for their direct steering and power transfer allowing the rider quick adjustments through its grip range combined with pump-and-go simplicity while maintaining a lightweight minimal size that is easy to pack away at the end of a session. The Unit D/LAB excels in the surf but loves powerful riding, jumps and tricks at all levels. It?s your choice between Unit Original and D/LAB but just keep in mind, if you want the ultimate in performance then it has to be the Unit D/LAB!
List Price: $2,069.00
2024 Duotone Unit D/Lab - Wingboarding Wing
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Duotone 2024 Unit D/Lab

The revolutionary Unit D/LAB wing is the pinnacle of performance wing design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Unit D/LAB combines advanced design with cutting-edge materials to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

At the heart of the Unit D/LAB Wing lies the groundbreaking Aluula material, used in the leading edge and strut. By incorporating Aluula, we have achieved that our D/LAB wings are not only light, but also incredibly responsive.

The reduced diameter of the leading edge and strut enhances the Unit D/LABs efficiency and reducing drag. The premium Aluula also absorbs gusts to provide a smooth ride even in challenging winds.
2023 Duotone Unit - Wingboarding Wing - 30% Off
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2023 Duotone Unit Wing - Surf & Downwind / Jumping & Freestyle / Freeride

The 2023 Unit enters us into a new era of wing design. Featuring MOD3, a new canopy, that changes everything!
With the new Unit 2023 we are starting a new era of wing design. Featuring MOD3, a new canopy that changes everything! The latest edition Unit offers more power, better hang time and improved drift stability.

From the first pump, you?ll notice the additional power MOD3 brings to the wing. With responsive handling through the rigid handles. The 2023 Unit gets you up in flight mode sooner, with an improved grunt and low end allowing you to use smaller-sized wings.
List Price: $1,219.00
2024 Duotone Unit - Wingboarding Wing
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2024 Duotone Unit Wing - Surf & Downwind / Jumping & Freestyle / Freeride

The 2024 Unit is yet taken another step ahead of the pack and is spiced with a new level of riding comfort, improved drift stability and features you simply don?t want to miss.

The Duotone Unit led the way in Wing design over the past years. Many of our competitors tried to copy and match the performance and handling, yet with the combination of wing design, technology and materials the Unit is still the benchmark out there.


  • 2.0 | 2.5 | 3.0 | 3.5 | 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5

The 2024 model brings us another step forward with the introduction of a long carbon front handle allowing one-handed riding, an angled strut, which increases the riding comfort and with tweaks on the outline, twist and canopy tension further improving the Units power delivery and drift stability.

Designer Ken Winner optimized the angles of the strut in the handle area, resulting in a more natural riding position with the back arm being straighter and not constantly pulled in, which is especially noticeable when riding toe side.

The second great improvement to the handling is the introduction of a significantly longer carbon front handle, allowing the rider to bring the front hand further back and fly the wing one-handed for minutes. A benefit which opens doors to new tricks and a level of riding comfort you don?t want to miss.

With further refinements to the outline and curvature as well as the twist and tension of the MOD3 canopy, the new Unit flies more precise and stable when sheeted in and has a more neutral drift when flagged out on the wave.

Whether you?re into pure and effortless carves in the surf, want to boost big airs with solid hang time or simply want to go straight forward with plenty of lift and power - the 2024 Unit is a real Winner ? not only by the Designers Name ? equally by the outstanding performance and its handling!

2025 Duotone Ventis - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing
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2024 Ventis - Lightwind Freeride Wing

The Ventis is designed for effortless free-riding in light winds, with improved power delivery and up-wind performance over its predecessor.
The innovative 3-strut design and unique wing tips deliver maximum lift, power and efficiency, allowing you to get up on the foil effortlessly without intense pumping. Designer Ken Winner has brought the side struts more inwards on the new Ventis, creating a rigid frame and reducing swing weight and reduced the size of the wing tips. This makes even the larger 7m2 and 8m2 Ventis sizes manageable for all riders, regardless of size or experience.

The Ventis incorporates a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy for efficient performance in marginal conditions. Focused on lift and stability, the side struts maintain consistent profile depth and canopy tension for smooth, stable power delivery. Its refined profile shape and tip twist not only improves the low end, it also enhances upwind performance and ensures a smoother ride through gusts. The ergonomic center strut design with extended Carbon front handle allows one-handed riding and provides a comfortable position for your hands, reducing fatigue for longer, more enjoyable sessions. The Ventis turns light wind conditions into a playground for progression.
2025 Duotone Ventis D/LAB - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing
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Duotone 2025 Ventis D/LAB - Lightwing Performance Wing

The Ventis D/LAB is the ultimate light wind freeride wing, coming with even more direct power and improved upwind performance for this season. Featuring an innovative 3-strut design and premium Aluula material in the leading edge and struts for light weight, efficiency and powerful performance, ideal for maximizing marginal winds.

With its deeper, refined profile shape and optimized tip twist for increased power and smooth response in gusts, the Ventis D/LAB is the lightest, most responsive, and highest performance wing in ultra light wind conditions. Its reduced tip design with re-located side struts offers exceptional wing stability and minimizes tip drag, requiring no advanced pumping techniques to get up onto the foil.

In addition to its exceptional lift and power, the Ventis D/LAB features a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy, keeping the wings weight to a minimum. The extended Carbon front handle allows for one-handed riding and the comfortably angled center strut design promotes ease of use and reduces fatigue, ensuring longer, more enjoyable sessions.
S26 Naish Matador - LT - 60% Off
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Naish S26 Wing Surfer

The Naish Wing-Surfer took the world by storm with its introduction in 2019, launching the sport of Wingsurfing into what is now the fastest-growing water sport in the world. The S25 Wing-Surfer took the basic concept to the next level by adding more sizes, better visibility, and improved performance. This seasons all-new Wing-Surfer MK3 is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly evolving sport well into the future.
List Price: $1,049.00
S27 Naish Matador LT - 50% Off
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The Matador LT takes the Wingsurfer Matador and makes it even leaner and meaner. With the same basic outline, shape and overall structure of the Matador, the Matador LT remains a powerful and stable wing. But sometimes less is more.

For even lighter overall weight the Matador LT comes with a window free canopy and with no removable Y-Handles. Strut shape and diameter have been modified to provide even tighter canopy tension and an additional boost in overall power. Where the Matador has five individual strut handles, two in the front and three in the back, the LT has only three - wide ergonomic grab handles. If you want all the power and stability, but with the minimum swing weight possible for flagging on bumps, swells and waves, the Matador LT does more with less!

List Price: $1,069.00
Slingshot Javelin V1 Wing
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Slingshot Javelin V1 - Efficient / Control / Power

The Javelin boom wing delivers a stunning level of power and control. Its lightweight, compact two-piece carbon boom** features an EVA foam grip and a simple push-pin connection system. Use the main boom section for sizes 2.5M - 4.0M, then snap in the extension for use with 4.5M - 7.5M sizes.
Beginners and advanced riders alike will benefit from the increased control provided by the Javelin's stiff, locked-in boom and ultra-compact wingspan. Whether you are cruising one-handed with style, riding backwinded or trying to keep the wingtips out of the water, the advantage of a boom is clear. The Javelin is also the first-ever wing with on-the-fly power tuning thanks to its Canopy Tensioning Strap that regulates the power by flattening or expanding the wing's profile. The two-piece Javelin boom** fits wing sizes from 2.5m to 7.5m and breaks down for travel with two simple push pins.

List Price: $1,059.99
Slingshot Slingwing V3 - 60-70% Off
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Slingshot SlingWing V3 - Balenced / Rigid

Slingshot designed the all-new SlingWing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag.

Package Includes:
  • SlingWing V3, Backpack, Wrist leash, Patch kit

Why it's Awesome:
When the sport you love is powered by the wind, choosing the best way to harness its energy is critical. We can all agree, flying, turning and gliding certainly sounds better than slogging and bogging. Gliding over the water on foil should feel calm and effortless and here at Slingshot, we strive to make that as attainable and easy as possible. Thanks to the reliable steady pull, forward drive, and effortless balance of the all new SlingWing V3, winging has never been more intuitive. Thanks to its rock-solid rigidity, the V3 has loads of power out of the pocket. This means less time slogging and bogging, and more time gliding, turning and floating. Having wing-powered fun, shouldn't be a hassle. Let our new SlingWing open up a world of new possibilities.
List Price: $1,286.00
Slingshot Slingwing V4
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Slingshot SlingWing V4

Balance, power, stability, and ease of use are the hallmark traits of the SlingWing V4's all-new high-tension canopy design. This revolutionary design enhances all elements of our flagship wing. Refinements in new materials, leading-edge design, and our high-tension canopy profile make theSlingWing V4 more balanced and easier to fly. This wing excels across all performance metrics no matter how or where you use it. Exclusive to Slingshot, it features the new SlingGrip EVA with a Click Connect handle system. The elevated pistol grip front handle delivers greater control when luffing or switching hands. These handles come on and off with a click, which makes packing for travel more compact. Soft or carbon handles can be purchased separately.

 Who It's For: The SlingWing V4 is the ultimate choice for riders looking for a wing to help them take their skills to the next level. Riders seeking increased control and effortless tacking with a compact wingspan for on-the-water transition or spinning on jumps. The upward lift on the nose handle provides enhanced drifting capabilities while flagging out while swell riding.

2024 Naish Matador  LT 2.0
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Naish 2024 Matador LT 2.0
Introducing the latest version to the Matador lineup - the Matador LT 2.0. Boasting a handle conversion system, this wing-surfer comes equipped with both hard handles (mounted) and soft handles that can be easily interchanged to suit the rider's preference. The scalloped-out handle area allows for ample hand space around the strut for the use of both options. Adapt the wing to your personal riding style. Choose the hard handles for a more direct rigid feel, or apply the included soft handles for ultimate riding freedom. These new features deliver exceptional performance, and smooth power delivery, in a modular wing that is perfect for riders of all skill levels. So, whether you're a novice or a pro, the Matador LT 2.0 is the ultimate multi-use tool for an incredible wing-foiling experience. Upgrade your experience today and take control of the elements with the Matador LT 2.0.

S27 Naish Matador LT - 3 Wing Deal - Over 60% Off
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The Matador LT takes the Wingsurfer Matador and makes it even leaner and meaner. With the same basic outline, shape and overall structure of the Matador, the Matador LT remains a powerful and stable wing. But sometimes less is more.

For even lighter overall weight the Matador LT comes with a window free canopy and with no removable Y-Handles. Strut shape and diameter have been modified to provide even tighter canopy tension and an additional boost in overall power. Where the Matador has five individual strut handles, two in the front and three in the back, the LT has only three - wide ergonomic grab handles. If you want all the power and stability, but with the minimum swing weight possible for flagging on bumps, swells and waves, the Matador LT does more with less!

List Price: $3,297.00
Slingshot Slingwing V3 Hard Handles - 50-60% Off
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 SlingWing V3 Hard Handle Wingboarding Wing - Hard Handles / Balanced / Power

The verdict is in, some folks prefer hard handle wings while others love soft handles. With the addition of the hard-handle version of our ever-popular SlingWing V3, the choice is yours.
Learn more

Hard handles? Soft handles? The choice is now yours. Either way, you will always get the legendary low-end power and balanced flight of the SlingWing V3. The addition of hard handles provides the rider with more direct control and superior backwinding performance. Holding the front handle's angled pistol grip provides the ability to luff the wing and ride swell without moving all the way to the leading-edge handle. Additionally, luffing with your hand on the pistol grip gives you the ability to regulate power in a luffing position and keep the trailing edge up and out of your way. The larger strut and leading-edge diameter standard on the SlingWing V3 provide a completely rigid frame for high wind performance and big airs. The One Pump Speed System makes inflation quick and simple, while the added dump valve on the strut makes deflation and packing so much more convenient. To provide smooth airflow across the wing, the SlingWing has a profile entry batten to smooth the shaping where the inflatable leading edge transitions to the wing for aerodynamic fligh
List Price: $893.00
2022 North Nova Wing - 50% off
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North Nova Wing

Maximum performance, minimum effort. No strings attached. Balanced and reactive, the Nova Wing generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you've ever ridden. At the heart of the Nova design is a super-stiff geometry for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range. Intuitive transitions. Comfortable ergonomic handling. We?ve carefully positioned everything, from the XS Litevision panels to the low-profile handles, in the best place to trim the wing and make transitions safer and more intuitive. The tow-friendly wing shape with sweep and dihedral also helps keep it tracking when towing behind you on a wave. Whether your focus is on the flow of riding open ocean waves, carving or stomping out tricks, the Nova Wing will help you make the most your local conditions. Load up. Pump up. Ride longer.
List Price: $949.00
2024 North Nova Wing
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2024 North Nova - Balanced, Efficient Freeride Wing
The Nova Freeride is a balanced, easy-to-use all-round wing with a wide wind range, low end power, high-end stability, and light, intuitive handling. For 2024 we've introduced Carbon UDi Technology into the wingtips, stiffening the airframe and enabling it to snap back into shape faster after tricks and manoeuvres. We've also changed the draft position and depth, making the wing even more balanced and user-friendly. The new radial load diffuser ensures more even tensioning and a tighter canopy for enhanced performance. Master of the upwind, glide through tacks, float through gybes, and lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you?re chasing, the Nova will send you there faster.
2023 North Nova v3 Wing - 35% Off
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2023 North Nova Wing

1.9m | 2.5m |  | 2.9m | 3.5m | 4.2m | 5m | 6m | 7m

Your everything. A wing with power when needed, leaving no rider wanting. Maximum low-end to get you up on the foil earlier. Top-end performance that lets you exploit gusty conditions. A wing that feels stable and balanced to fly, has lift through manoeuvres and feels light in your hands. The 2023 Nova has a structurally balanced freeride shape for enhanced aerodynamic performance.Engineered for stability in gusty winds, the new Nova has a progressive swept outline and refined profile section, making it easier to handle and more stable when riding. Your front and back arm pressure is even, not backhand-heavy. The wing creates lift so that you can glide through turns effortlessly without any tail drop.
Precise yet compliant. The wingtip geometry and balanced dihedral also prevent oscillation side-toside when gripping the front handle, riding downwind swell, surfing, or simply walking towards the water. With a sweet spot so generous, it makes hard things easy. The new draft-forward curvature in the profile section generates more lift in the front of the wing. This makes transitions smoother and, when combined with improved canopy tensioning, boosts Nova?s low-end power. So much so you
can drop down a size. The stiffer, more responsive airframe and tighter skin tensioning mean the canopy stays clean through a wider wind range. We?ve minimised flutter and created a clean trailing edge release with reduced drag. To ensure the wing remains stable and comfortable in overpowered conditions, we've tapered the leading-edge diameter, concentrating the stiffness in the LE centre and allowing the reflexed wingtips to dump excess power. Master of the upwind, glide through tacks, float through gybes, and lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you?re chasing, the Nova will send you there faster.

2024 North Nova Pro Wing
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North Nova Pro - Performance Freeride Wingboarding Wing

The Nova Pro, with our industry-first ShiftLock Modular Track Mounting system and Carbon UDi Technology, is for riders ready to crank it up a level. Riders who are bored of mowing the lawns; riders who just want to be out there carving lines in endless ocean swells, boosting or freestylin?. Designed to ignite your creativity and your desire to progress, the Nova Pro is light in your hands and efficient upwind. Its advanced materials, tighter canopy and balanced tensioning provide perfect shape-hold in the upper wind range and improved light wind performance - for the best of both worlds.
ShiftLock - ShiftLock is a re-invention of the Bolt Rope system used in sailing - the most common and robust method to fix a sail to a mast. We?ve adapted this method for wing-foiling, using a double bolt-rope track. To prove the system?s strength and durability, we?ve carried out cyclic load and on-water testing for two years without failure or excessive wear. ShiftLock has a breaking load of well over 710kg. We?ve also kept the system light in weight. Two 500mm ShiftLock Carbon handles (with the track) are lighter than two standard 500mm wing handles. The rigid Carbon ShiftLock handles (sold separately) react instantly to your input, while the soft TPU handle ends help protect you and your board. There are four handle lengths, from the single 1100 boom to the 500, 400, and 250 mm handles.

North 2024 Loft Pro - Light Wing Wing
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North Wings - Loft Pro - Light Wind Performance - First up on the Water!

Waiting for wind? The all-new Loft Pro has the power to unlock borderline sessions, lift you up instantly in the lightest wind and keep you on the foil for longer.Its deep profile and ultra-stiff frame provide the most efficient power delivery per m2, carrying you through the lulls and converting the slightest puff into powerful forward momentum. Engineered to feel as light as possible, the 2024 Loft Pro is an evolution of the Nova Light Wind, featuring carbon handles and powered by a new N-Weave45 airframe for a faster, stiffer wing with more instant response. Reduced seams/segments in the leading edge also help to reduce weight, and a reduced LE diameter makes the wing lighter and more agile. Even with the smaller diameter, the airframe still exceeds the stiffness of its predecessor. The Loft Pro is very compact for a wing this size, with less span for reduced tip strike, and a deep profile. The Loft Pro has balanced load distribution and lift for easier gybes, tacks and low-speed transitions. Rigid GripLock micro-trim handles deliver a more immediate response. Its refined compact outline and rounded wingtips help reduce tip-strike, and the manageable span width is tailored to fit every rider. Go by height to choose just one Nova Light Wind size for your quiver, and end the wait for wind.
2024 North Mode Pro - High Performance Wing
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North Wings - Mode Pro - High Speed Performance  - Send mode. Speed mode. Your Mode.

For high-speed performance, efficiency is key. We've engineered Mode, our high-speed performance wing, with high tensile strength N-Weave 45 X-ply reinforced woven fibre airframe and Matrix N-HTRS canopy for the most efficient power delivery on the market. Developing these new material technologies has allowed us to create a stiffer, lighter and more durable wing without geometric compromise (and without the high-performance price tag). N-Weave 45 reduces structural deflection and transfers wind energy into greater forward speed, explosive boost and hangtime for freestyle tricks. We've specifically designed our new low-stretch, low-deflection Matrix N-HTRS high-tenacity canopy material to manage the added tension of the N-Weave 45 airframe, further increasing the wind range, and holding its shape in all conditions. The Mode has a fast, VMG-optimized design, which lets you sail closer to the wind, on higher upwind angles, and reduces your need to tack or gybe. We designed the Mode primarily for high-speed performance, but the stiffer airframe also translates into unprecedented loft for higher jumps and forward momentum on landings. With incredible high-end stability, the 3.5 to 4.8m are ideal for use in stronger winds, while the 5.5m and 6.8m are optimised for greater power in lighter air. The wing has a balanced lower aspect ratio with rounded wingtips to reduce tip strike, and the new panel layout delivers wingtip stability and increased tension under load. Featuring Carbon GripLock rigid micro-trim control handles for immediate response, and gybe-friendly window positioning.
2024 North Mode Ultra - High Performance Wing
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North Mode ULTRA Wing

The Mode Ultra is a fast and direct high-performance race wing powered by N-Xi, a new ultra-stiff, ultra-high-modulus composite canopy material by North Sails Advanced Textiles.

At North, we understand the racer?s relentless quest for speed and the pursuit of ?the fastest.? We also recognize that high-intensity, high-speed wingfoiling requires more than technical prowess and fearlessness. The rider and gear must process speed and acceleration in fractions of a second. Anticipate the actions of fellow riders, the wind, and the water, trust their skills, and make quick decisions. When you are foiling at speeds in excess of 55km/h confidence is crucial.
Ozone WASP v3 Wingboarding Wing - 30% Off
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Ozone WASP V3 - Wingboarding Wing

The WASP V3 is an amazing all-round performance wing excelling in any condition and all disciplines. It is lightweight, simple to set up and easy to use with improvements to the power handles, de-power surf handle, windows, waist leash strap, canopy material and an updated size range. From freeride cruising, wave riding, boosting air tricks, down winding or just starting out, the WASP V3 is ready to shred!

Our innovative Leading Edge and Strut design provides a stable airframe with minimal flex, delivering a solid, direct and well-balanced feeling. This rigidity also helps develop power at low speeds to get you powered up and planing sooner.
List Price: $899.00
Ozone Fly V1 Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Fly V1 Wing

The Fly V1 is an Intermediate wing that is also perfectly accessible for those new to this sport. We took a modern design approach for the young and rapidly evolving wing market. Keeping things clean and simple the Fly is lightweight, quick to set up and easy to use. It is designed to make learning and advancing into wing propelled sports as easy and efficient as possible. Being lightweight and packing small the Fly is also an ideal travel wing.

Key Features:
  • ? User friendly inflatable wing
  • ? Lightweight and packs small ? ideal for travel
  • ? Compact and stable with efficient power
  • ? Easy set up ? inflate and go
  • 2m | 3m | 4m | 5m | 6M

The soft Power Handle layout is user friendly with one front handle and one back handle offering a range of hand position and trimming options. This simple ?grab and go? setup eliminates confusion multiple handle options might cause to new comers. Sheeting in on the rear Power Handle generates a solid amount of power to get you moving, which can be fully controlled into higher wind strengths.
Ocean Rodeo Matrix Wing Handle - Soft (sold individualy)
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Replacement Matrix Wing Handle - Soft
North ShiftLock Modular Wing Handle System
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North ShiftLock Handle - Carbon
The ShiftLock Carbon handles provide an instant reaction to your input, with the bonus of being able to slide and lock into infinite positions. Carbon ShiftLock handles are purchased separately from the wing, which makes it easy to find your perfect setup. There are four carbon handle lengths, from the single 1100 boom to the 500, 400, and 250 mm handles. Follow the size chart to determine the best handle combination for your wing size. If you're a more experienced rider and you know what you want, then you've got the option to either downsize or go for a boom. The 1100 boom is our lightest handle option. Although it's the longest handle, it only has two connection points, so the overall weight is lower than two separate bars with 4 mounts. This suits a rider wanting a lighter rig for lighter winds and larger wings. The boom is also the most cost-effective option and would suit any rider?s ability; it?s more forgiving because it allows you to slide your hand up and down during tacks. The smaller 250 handles target the more advanced rider looking for targeted positioning.
Ocean Rodeo Glide Carbon Matrix Wing Handles - 32cm - Set of Two
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Carbon-Matrix Wing Handle - 32cm (set of 2)
Built with compression molded carbon, these handles are both strong and lightweight. Featuring a 25mm diameter grip with non-slip finger ridges for extra control. Swapping a handle set between wing sizes is quick and easy with no screws, velcro or other attachment devices required. The Carbon handle set comes complete with a padded bag.

32cm x 2 Handles
(One pair of 32cm carbon handles will fit all Ocean Rodeo wing sizes.)
Ocean Rodeo Glide Carbon Matrix Wing Handles - 43cm - Set Of Two
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Carbon-Matrix Wing Handle with EVA - 43cm (set of 2)
Built with compression molded carbon, these handles are both strong and lightweight. Featuring a 25mm diameter grip with non-slip finger ridges for extra control. Swapping a handle set between wing sizes is quick and easy with no screws, velcro or other attachment devices required. The Carbon handle set comes complete with a padded bag.

43cm x 2 Handles with EVA