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Slingshot Wing Craft / Dakine Charger Foil Package
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Wingboard / Hydrofoil Package
List Price: $2,956.00
Airush / AK Phazer - Reflex Carbon V1 Wingboard and AK Surf Foil - Combo Package - 30% Off
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AK Phazer V1 - Ultra-versatile Wingboard foilboard

AK and Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, introduce an exciting new range of foils and boards, as perfect companions for foiling at every level. From the ultra-versatile AK Phazer foilboard to the modular foil platform, you can dial your ride to perfection.
List Price: $2,508.00
Wind Carver and Naish S26 Matador LT Wing Package - 55% Off!
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The Wind Carver is the ideal longboard skateboard for cruising, carving, land paddling, and Wingboarding or Kiteboarding on Land. It's an exhilarating longboard to ride that "feels" like riding waves on asphalt and is easy and fun to ride even if you've never been on a skateboard before.

The Wind Carver's unique 7" diameter wheels float over cracks and small rocks that would stop smaller wheels while the flat profile and sharp edge tires provide excellent grip to the ground. The larger and dropped deck gives riders a wider and more stable stance. The deck is made of bamboo outside and Canadian maple inside with a layer of fiberglass for added stiffness for the perfect balance of flex, durability, and stiffness and and clear sand finished grip on top.

List Price: $1,128.00