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Kite pumps are an essential piece of kite gear, used to pump up all inflatable kites. Most kite pumps have a similar design with an aluminum shaft and double-action which allows the kite to pump up on both the up and down strokes of the handle. Not all kite pumps come with a gauge or PSI meter which allows you to read the pressure of a kite. Pumps also come with a variety of adapters that fit in the end of the hose and allow you to pump up different types of kites. Mostly common are the narrow tip used to pump up 9mm inflate valves, and the shorter and wider adapter the fits in most Boston inflate/deflate screw valves.

One of the newest additions to kiteboarding is the electric kite pump. Electric pumps allow to you avoid the chore of pumping your kite, just set the pressure on the gauge, hit the start button, and take a break or set up your fly lines while your kite inflates automatically. After giving one a try it is hard to go back to a manual pump.

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