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Action Sports Trackers allow you to track your speed, jump height, waves, calories burned, etc.  Use one not only for kiteboarding, but across multiple sports, wakeboarding, snowboarding/skiing and more.
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SurfDek - On Board Waterproof Phone Storage
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SurfDek - Deck Phone - On Board Waterproof Phone Storage

It Happens and when it does, SurfDek is there.  A bad day, a blown wing, broken paddle, or the wind just plain stops. The Deck Phone Storage is Large enough to hold a cellphone, some cash, or a credit card. It is the always there, just in case solution. Universal adhesive waterproof pouch for mobile phone up to 7″ and other accessories such as small tech, money, keys, passport and bank cards. Secure tray with velcro attachments along with removable dry bag/mobile phone pouch for use on any board surface with a large flat area. Perfect wingboards, paddle boards (SUPs), canoes, kayaks etc.

Key Features:
  • Universal adhesive waterproof pouch for mobile phone up to 7″ and other accessories such as small tech, money, keys, passport and bank cards.
  • waterproof phone case/pouch
  • lanyard
  • adhesive tray with velcro
  • 29cm x 19cm
WOO 4.0 for Kiteboarding Big Air Measurment - 10% Off
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WOO 4.0

The New Standard for Big Air Kiteboarding

A ruggedized housing now surrounds a more powerful processor and extremely precise sensor. Wireless charging, 24+ hour battery life, updated Bluetooth and many more important improvements mean that you can focus on kiteboarding while your WOO goes to work tracking every take-off, jump, and landing.
Ten years in the making, WOO 4.0 builds on everything we've learned from a global community pushing the limits of kiteboarding. Our original intent is unchanged - a simple, discrete onboard sensor that magically captures every kiteboarding jump. But inside and out, the WOO 4.0 has been reengineered for the future of the sport.
List Price: $279.95
Woo Classic Mount for Woo 3.0 and 4.0 - 25% Off
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Woo 3.0 Mount

Session so hard you broke your board? Do you have a fleet of rides to take out? Get them all mounted up so you never have to worry about missing a session. The new 3.0 mount works for kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. Simply attach the adhesive, strap in your WOO, and go send it.

  • Simple Elegent
  • Simple retainer ring mount
  • Compatible with all WOO versions
  • Includes:
    1 - Self Adhesive Woo Mount with Retainer O rings
    2 - Spare Retainer O Rings
List Price: $19.95
WOO 4.0 Charger - USB-C
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Woo 4.0 Charger


  • Powerful - USB-C Connection
  • Smart - Auto Shelf Mode
  • Rugged - Wireless Charging
  • Transparent - Charger Status LED
Woo 3.0 Charger (Extra)
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It's easy to session so hard you forgot how many sessions you sessioned. Always have charger on hand just in case. Perfect for the car, plane, or alongside your phone each night - always be ready to ride!