What to do with your keys when you go surfing or kiteboarding? The HitchSafe slides into your current standard hitch receiver on your truck, SUV or van. The Keyguard is also incredibly easy to use and can be locked on almost anything to protect your keys and cash.
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HitchSafe - Trailer Hitch Lock Box
The HitchSafe makes any kiteboarders or surfers life easier. Store keys before going surfing or kiteboarding.  This safe and affordable solution that only takes a couple minutes to install.  This is essential and looks like a normal trailer hitch.
Hitchsafe Extender Pins (Tacoma 05-Present, and Tundra 07-Present)
The Hitchsafe Extender Pins are for 2005-current Toyota Tacoma and the 2007-current Tundra OEM hitch receivers.
Hitch Safe Cap

The Hitchsafe replacement cover is made to look like any normal hitch cover, but covers the Hitchsafe stored in the hitch of your truck.  This cover replacement is a great addition if you lose your cover.

Hitch Safe - Replacement Drawer
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HitchSafe Replacement Drawer. This is replacement drawer for the version of HitchSafe after 2011. The newest revision of the HitchSafe [launched August 1, 2011] requires a different drawer style and the prior drawer is not compatible with this system. Be sure to also look at the description of our newer drawer HS7041 to be sure you have the right drawer. To know if you have the new style of HitchSafe. The drawer itself is different with each corner having an angle notch out of it. Inside the Vault portion of the HitchSafe above the spring on the back wall will have the following version code: AL-215-311, 2011.If the year is less than 2011, then it is a prior version of the drawer that you will need. Another easy way to tell is that the flange on the body will have 2 rivets on each side.

Replacement drawer for HitchSafes purchased after 2011
Secures keys, cards and valuables during outdoor activities that are a hassle or can become lost
Easily allows you to set and change your own combination any time with 10,000 codes possible
Features all metal construction
Designed specifically for HitchSafe